Ett mycket imponerande fodral/case till Apple iPad Air! Då denna är magnetisk så fäster den bra på de flesta metallytor. Rekommenderas!


* Easy to install
* Protects your iPad
* No clicks, no tools, just MagnetPower
* Safe and secure mounting
* Landscape or portrait
* Place it and grab it in one move
* Magcover: Endless possibilities
* Lightweight
* High Quality Materials
* Innovative design

Magcover - Get attracted! The exclusive Magcover iPad-case does not only protect your iPad it makes it easy to use by the patented build in quick and secure magnetic mount technology. In the car, kitchen, on th desk, or on the white board, the Magcover case for iPad can be mounted on multiple Magcover mounts just in one move. All the accessories are made by design and only the best materials are used to achieve the best quality. The Magcover mounts are sold separately.

MagCover - Slim Case for iPad Air - Black - Patented - Magnetic

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