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Kompatibel med


A Notebook Series

A45, A45A, A45D, A45DE, A45DR, A45N, A45V, A45VD, A45VG, A45VJ, A45VM, A45VS, A55, A55A, A55D, A55DE, A55DR, A55N, A55V, A55VD, A55VJ, A55VM, A55VS, A75, A75A, A75D, A75DE, A75V, A75VD, A75VJ, A75VM, A85, A85A, A85D, A85DE, A85DR, A85N, A85V, A85VD, A85VJ, A85VM, A85VS

F Notebook Series

F45, F45A, F45C, F45U, F45V, F45VD, F45VD1, F55, F55A, F55C, F55CR, F55U, F55V, F55VD, F55VDR, F75, F75A, F75A1, F75V, F75VD, F75VD1

K Notebook Series

K45, K45A, K45D, K45DE, K45DR, K45N, K45V, K45VD, K45VG, K45VJ, K45VM, K45VS, K55, K55A, K55D, K55DE, K55DR, K55N, K55V, K55VD, K55VJ, K55VM, K55VS, K75, K75A, K75D, K75DE, K75V, K75VD, K75VJ, K75VM

Q Notebook Series

Q500, Q500A

R Notebook Series

R400, R400A, R400D, R400DE, R400DR, R400N, R400V, R400VD, R400VG, R400VJ, R400VM, R400VS, R403, R403A, R403C, R403U, R403V, R403VD, R403VD1, R500, R500A, R500D, R500DE, R500DR, R500N, R500V, R500VD, R500VJ, R500VM, R500VS, R503, R503A, R503C, R503CR, R503U, R503V, R503VD, R503VDR, R700, R700A, R700D, R700DE, R700V, R700VD, R700VJ, R700VM

X Notebook Series

X45, X45A, X45C, X45U, X45V, X45VD, X45VJ, X55, X55A, X55C, X55CR, X55U, X55V, X55VD, X55VJ, X55VM, X75, X75A, X75V, X75VD, X77VJ, X77VM




OEMA32-K55, 0B110-00050800, 0B110-00050900, AS-K55, V7EAS-A32K55, 0B110-00050400, MicroBattery


CoreParts Laptop Battery for Asus 48Wh 6 Cell Li-ion 10.8V 4.4Ah

SKU: MBI2351
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